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Australian Border Force (ABF) compliance update

The quarterly updated from ABF has been published and it contains the details on the areas of concern within the department.

The ABF has issued significant fines over the past quarter in relation to incorrect declaration of goods, underpayment of duties (both import duty and dumping and Countervailing duties) as well as providing further updates on the Australian Trusted Trader program.

The ABF has also issued new conditions attached to Customs Brokers licenses so if you hear from us and we ask some unusual questions it may be in response to additional requirements we have from the department.

Vox, with our extensive experience in consulting and with the assistance of our legal department are in a fantastic position to assist importers in the ever growing compliance requirements from ABF.

Industrial Action at the terminals

We have had a relatively quiet start to the year in relation to industrial action at the terminals however this week has broken that peace. We have had a number of stop work meetings at the Melbourne terminals which has meant further delays in relation to the availability of containers.

Whilst the delays have been from 4-8 hours the knock on effect has meant vessels held in port longer than normal causing additional delays into other Australian ports.

Please continue to liaise with our staff and we will advise the most up to date detail in relation to arrivals, container availabilities and time slots.

Please stay in contact with our staff and we will assist in guiding you through these interesting times.

Take care and stay safe.

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