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Brett Greedy (CBFCA (Senior Associate); LCB)

Operations Director

Brett has spent the last 30 years working in the customs broking and freight forwarding industry, extending to extensive experience in the international trade consulting field.

Throughout Brett’s 30-year industry experience he has managed individual companies as well as consulting, customs, transport, exports and forwarding departments, and his experience in operational matters related to international trade is wide and varied.

As an extension to Brett’s experience, he was involved in a partnership which formulated the first online customs brokers tuition and has also spent the last 10 years providing educational assistance to customs broker candidates. During this period Brett has provided technical assistance to the industry in areas including tariff classification, valuation, duty minimisation and use of government programs to legally develop programs which provide the greatest benefits to his clients.

Brett has been licensed by the government as a customs broker since 1993 and has been accredited by the Department of Agriculture, Water and Resources (DAWR) since the inception of the accreditation scheme in 1997.

  • Director of Operations, VoxGroup Pty Ltd
  • Former General Manager of Consulting Services for South Pacific Region, Tradewin;
  • Former Customs & Transport Manager of Expeditors Sydney;
  • Former Partner FWG Training Services;
  • Lecturer at Kangan TAFE;

Brett, as one of the inaugural members of Spring Hills FC, has also spent the last 11 years volunteering as coach and club secretary for a local soccer club and has overseen the growth of the club from an initial 54 members to in excess of 550 members with a large focus on the expansion of the opportunities for female participation. As an extension of this work Kognition, as the previous name for VoxGroup has sponsored the senior women’s team at Spring Hills for the past three years.

Brett Greedy

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