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As we have all heard India is in the midst of another wave of COVID-19 and this wave, by all reports, is the biggest challenge they have faced.
Whilst insignificant compared to the loss of life the shipping industry is also struggling with not only getting the supply of goods but also being able to move the goods to Australia. There is still chronic shortages of equipment in India and with flights now cancelled, the space issues will only increase.
On top of this with lockdowns and factory closures this is causing issues with packing the goods ready for shipment.
Please speak to us prior to requesting shipping so we can work with our Indian partners to provide the most up to information to assist in your supply chain needs.

Increase terminal charges

May 01st is the date the terminals have determined the next wave of increases will be implemented. Whilst we have notified our clients of these increases, we just want to reiterate that the increases are not implemented by Vox, we are just the pass through to our clients and where possible we mitigate these increases as best we can.
The industry associations have taken these matters up with Federal and State Governments without much success. Vox will continue to keep our clients informed at further movements on this front.

Continued space issues

There continues to be space issues from most parts of the world as the shipping lines manipulate sailings and re-implement blank sailings to contract space. This allows the rates to stay at the levels they currently are or implement slight increases so the lines maintain their margins.
We continue to advise that the earlier we can get the order details the more likely the schedule required will be met. It is definitely a challenging time in the supply chain sector however we are here to provide the most up to date information and assist in obtaining the best outcomes.
Please stay in contact with our staff and we will assist in guiding you through these interesting times.

Take care and stay safe.

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