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On behalf of all of us at VoxGroup we would like to wish all our clients and partners a Happy New Year and hope you have had a great start to 2022.

Australian Overview:

The start to 2022 throughout Australia, for the supply chain sector, has been very chaotic.
The Australian ports continue to cause delays to shipping schedules and freight availabilities. This has then extended to vessels omitting ports and freight being transshipped.

There has been certain vessels that have taken longer to travel the east coast of Australia than it did to come from China and/or the USA.
The situation with driver availabilities and COVID related absences is starting to cause further delays once the containers and LCL becomes available.
We continue to provide consistent updates to our clients and if you are unsure of your arrival do not hesitate to contact our staff who are here to assist wherever possible.

Increases to charges:

The start of the year always brings with it additional increases in charges. This year has been no different with added pressures on costs for the sector. See below a quick overview however I am sure these are not the only increases on their way.

Tolls – all states have toll increases generally twice a year. NSW tolls went up as of the 01st January 2022 and we expect notifications to be received throughout January for the increase in other states;

Port Charges / Terminal Charges – We advised that at least one of the terminal operators will be increasing their terminal charges as of the 01st January. We are still negotiating with our transport partners on the increase and will continue to try and drive these increases down.

Timeslot fees (both pick up and dehire) – The company controlling the time slot fees has advised of increases throughout the later part of 2021 and into 2022. As with the terminal charges the companies controlling these have found a great market to charge transport companies more for this service.

Fuel Surcharge – The cost of fuel has increased substantially in the last three months and this will be reflected in an increase in the Fuel Surcharge charged on transport costs. At Vox we have tried to provide a consistent fuel surcharge across the nation however this will not be possible moving forward. The cost of Fuel in Adelaide and Brisbane is exceeding the other states by a large margin an therefore we don’t want to increase other states costs without justification.

We are compiling an update on rates, space and volatility across the globe which will be issued next week however if you have any queries in relation to the above items please contact our staff in Sydney or Melbourne.

Stay safe and we look forward to a positive 2022.

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