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Fuel Surcharge:

As we would all be aware the cost of fuel has increased substantially in the last three months.
VoxGroup has worked hard with our partners to mitigate this cost. Over the past three months we have absorbed these costs to assist our clients when all costs are increasing.

Unfortunately we are now at a point where we cannot absorb the levels of increases being implemented. All fuel surcharge percentages will increase as of the 01st March.
We understand the difficulty this could cause our clients however we have no choice. The cost of fuel has increased and these cost must now be passed on.

Increases to port costs:

The start of the year always brings with it additional increases in charges.

VoxGroup has been notified of further increases in the costs of timeslot bookings for FCL containers as charged to our transport companies. There will be an increase come through to the costs charged as this point.

We have also been notified of further LCL depots introducing timeslots. Whilst providing the depot with efficiencies (apparently) it comes at a cost to the industry. We are monitoring these costs as well to provide a balanced approach to our clients.

There will no doubt be an increase in costs throughout Brisbane and Sydney with the weather and COVID issues however we have not been alerted to these as yet. As more information comes to hand we will pass this through to our clients.

As always, VoxGroup works hard with our partners to reduce the impacts on our clients in these difficult times. If you have any queries or require further information please do not hesitate to contact our offices.

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