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VoxGroup Newsletter –  Logistics – 2nd July 2021

Our Melbourne office has moved:

Our Melbourne office has moved to the following address:

Street Address: Unit 8, 17-21 Barretta Rd, Ravenhall Vic 3023
Postal Address: PO Box 3594, Caroline Springs Vic 3023

All email addresses and phone numbers have not changed.

The brand new office gives us more room as we continue to grow and we also have a small warehouse where we can assist our clients with short term storage solutions.

We will provide photos and more detail as we complete the set up of the facility however if you have any storage needs to not hesitate to contact us.

Our invoice format is changing:

A very short note that throughout July we are transitioning to a new invoicing system. This will mean that your invoices will look and feel slightly different to those you have been currently receiving however rest assured the service and detail will still be there.

Did you know?

VoxGroup is a full service logistics company (airfreight and seafreight) and an international trade consultant, however did you know we are also a registered law firm?

Our Solicitor Director – Alex Xenox, based on Sydney, with his team of solicitors are here to provide assistance across all manner of legal matters including family law, commercial, criminal, contracts and debt recovery.

We will be commencing a separate VoxLaw newsletter on different aspects of the services offered and if you need any legal assistance please do not hesitate to contact Alex his details are as follows

e: alex.xenos@voxgroup.com.au or 0401399824.

With a number of jurisdictions in lockdown we hope everyone stays safe and well, looks after friends, family and neighbours and we all come out the other side for a brighter, happier picture.

Please stay in contact with our staff and we will assist in guiding you through these interesting times.

Take care and stay safe.

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