VoxGroup Newsletter – Logistics – 16th March 2022

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VoxGroup Newsletter –  Logistics – 16th March 2022

Fuel Surcharge

As everyone is aware the cost of fuel has increased substantially over the past few weeks. This has led to all our transport companies increasing the fuel surcharge, at times, weekly.

These increases do need to be passed on. We continue to negotiate to keep these increases as small as possible and continue to work with our partners to provide the service required.

All charges will be continually assessed and once fuel comes down so will the fuel surcharge.

Vessel omitting ports

We have seen a substantial increase in the number of vessels omitting ports to try and stay on schedule.

This has mainly seen Brisbane being omitted however there has been occasions where Sydney and/or Melbourne has also omitted from the vessels route.

Not only does this cause significant delays for the goods due into these ports it can, at times, increase costs as the shipping lines refuse to cover the cost of moving the goods to the original destination.

Where this occurs we will notify our client as soon as we receive details of the changes so we can work through contingency plans.

If you are concerned with potential omission of the port of destination please call one of our staff and we will work through the matter with you.

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