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BMSB season is over (for the moment):

We are just about at the end of BMSB season. Any shipments leaving BMSB countries will not have to be treated for the moment.

Notwithstanding this the next season will commence on September 01st 2022. Given the difficulties with space and rates planning is the key.

Please speak to our team to assist in planning for BMSB in the latter part of 2022 and into 2023.

Fuel Surcharge:

The cost of diesel (and petrol) continues to rise around the world. We are seeing fuel surcharge costs exceeding 20% and in certain cases exceeding 30% throughout the world.

The change in fuel surcharge is extremely dynamic and is changing weekly. There has been times where the change in fuel surcharge has been updated numerous times in one week.

Vox is continuing to monitor the fuel surcharge and we have had to also adjust our rates as we receive the revised figures from transport.

Sanctions on movements to/from Russia and the Ukraine:

The Australian Government has implemented differing levels of sanctions on certain goods being shipped to and from these countries.

If you are considering trade with either country or trade in goods of Russian or Ukrainian origin, from anywhere in the world, please speak to us prior to entering these agreements

With all areas of the world we continue to monitor the situations both with costs, congestion, equipment and space availability. We also work with our clients to provide the optimum solution for the movement of your goods.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact one of our team to further explain these issues

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