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Port congestion – Long Beach

With peak season just starting the Port of Long Beach is already congested beyond what we have seen previously.
There is reports of 45 vessels sitting of the port waiting for their turn to come into port.
We have also seen delays of up to six weeks on the west coast of the USA.
The USA is having a lot of issues with bookings, rates and equipment and the delays at Long Beach are not helping the process.
The shipping lines are implementing a port congestion surcharge of approximately US 250 per TEU and this is therefore being implemented across both FCL and LCL freight.

Port Congestion – Sydney

There is still substantial congestion in Sydney causing up to a 9 day delay for vessels to get into port.
The shipping lines are now starting to omit Sydney on the schedules and off loading the Sydney containers in Brisbane or Melbourne. It is then at the importers cost to move the goods to Sydney.
Please continue to liaise with our staff to work through any processes you have with delays in port.

Port Delays – Ningbo

The port of Ningbo is starting to come back on line after a COVID outbreak.
Hopefully once the port gets back to normal it will assist in the congestion problems throughout China. A number of the shippers have moved there goods to other ports which has exacerbated the problems throughout China.

Rate increases

Shipping lines are continuing to apply rate increases whether they be described as port congestion, general rate increases, peak season surcharges or any other various terms.
The upshot is the rates
are continuing to increase and we cannot see the increases stopping until we get closer to Xmas. The issues of equipment is also causing problems and each booking is worked on individually to get the goods moved as soon as possible.

Please stay in contact with our staff and we will assist in guiding you through these interesting times.

Take care and stay safe.

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