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VoxGroup Newsletter – Logistics – 9th July 2021


The best description we can provide to the issues within the shipping industry is peak has started early and will continue for the better part of 6 months.
Whilst the trauma in the Southern China ports has started to correct itself the issue of space and equipment from all around the world has continued to deteriorate.

The USA is seeing between a 6-8 week delay in getting bookings with a number of shipping lines no longer accepting bookings.

In Europe there is a 2-4 week delay depending on the port of discharge and the available equipment.

Out of China we are seeing a 2-4 week delay in space and equipment depending on the port required.

All this leads to the message we have been sending out that planning is the key as the above situation will only get worse as we get well into peak season.


As expecting, as space continues to get tighter the shipping lines are taking the opportunities available to them.

Every shipping line from every Origin is advising of rate increases in one form or another. Whether they be described officially as General Rate Increases (GRI’s)  or they just advise the rate is higher we are seeing constant increases across the board.

Specifically out of China the lines are talking of GRI’s of between US300-500 per fortnight over the coming months and this could lead to rates for a 40’container upwards of US$8000 per container.

With the Australian Dollar also dropping the rates are increasing at an alarming rate. Industry associations are making submissions to government about the increases but at this time there is no movement to try and implement any sort of regulations.

Union industrial action:

The MUA are continuing their protected actions against Patrick Stevedores as the two parties continue to negotiate a new EBA.

The onflow effect is that there is larger delays in port and this is having a flow on effect to arrivals and availabilities. The action is across all major ports and there has been no indication of an agreement being reached anytime soon.

As an extension to this, the shipping lines are starting to talk of implementing a Port Congestion Surcharge like they did in 2020. We will advise if this comes into place however it would amount to another increase in costs for the logistics industry.

With a number of jurisdictions in lockdown we hope everyone stays safe and well, looks after friends, family and neighbours and we all come out the other side for a brighter, happier picture.

Please stay in contact with our staff and we will assist in guiding you through these interesting times.
Take care and stay safe.

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