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Commercial Matters & Disputes

We are experienced litigation lawyers and have proven experience across a wide range of civil suits in the Local, District, and Supreme Courts, and also in the Federal Court of Australia, the Federal Circuit Court of Australia; and the Family Court of Australia, together with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

Mediation and arbitration are also explored in appropriate cases. Arbitration is suitable for commercial parties in different countries and can be conducted in arbitration centres in several jurisdictions including, Sydney, Hong Kong or Singapore.

At VoxLaw we take a high-level strategic approach in all our matters.

Employment disputes

When handling industrial relations and employment matters, VoxLaw has experience assisting both employers and employees.

For employers, we can assist you with:

  • Drafting Employment Agreements

  • Enforcement of Employment Agreements

We have provided representation for our clients before the Fair Work Commission and have experience with handling legal proceedings for all matters involving industrial relations.

It is always recommended to consult an experienced solicitor when making changes that will affect your workforce.

For employees, we can assist you with:

  • Reviewing your Employment Agreement to ensure it is fair

  • Challenging or setting aside unfair contracts

  • Reviewing your working conditions to ensure you are being treated correctly

  • Unfair dismissal and breaches of the Employment Agreement

  • Reviewing redundancies to determine whether you have received what you are entitled to

If you believe you have been dismissed unfairly, it is best to act quickly by calling VoxLaw – strict time limits apply to unfair dismissal claims.

Debt recoveries

If you are owed money you can take legal action to recover it with VoxLaw. In certain situations, you can also recover your legal costs related to recovery proceedings.

VoxLaw can assist you with:

  • Preparing a Statement of Claim; and

  • Entering Judgment against the debtor (when no action is taken within 28 days).

Once Judgment is entered, many procedures are available to enforce it. At VoxLaw we can assist you with Writs (seizure of goods to sell in order to repay the debt), Examination Summons (requiring the debtor to attend Court to display how they will satisfy the Judgement), and Garnishees Orders (whereby the Court can order a third party to pay money to a creditor instead of a debtor).


When a company is declared insolvent, the Court has the power to wind it up and appoint a Liquidator, whose responsibility is to turn the assets into cash and distribute it in the order set out in the Corporations Act. The creditor and the liquidator firstly recover their costs, followed by certain entitlements to employees. The balance is distributed among unsecured creditors.

Winding up proceedings are handled in either the Supreme Court of a State or the Federal Court of Australia. VoxLaw can assist you by filing an Originating Process. If the Court is satisfied that the company is trading insolvent, it can then appoint a liquidator.

VoxLaw can provide advice for businesses facing insolvency, including appointment of a voluntary administrator and deeds of arrangement.

VoxLaw has experience acting for solvent businesses defending legal proceedings by Liquidators attempting to claw back monies paid to the business by the insolvent company.

Media & Defamation

If your reputation has been publicly damaged, or you are being accused of damaging someone else’s reputation, VoxLaw can help.

In New South wales, defamation is governed by the Defamation Act 2005 (NSW). Liability may occur when material is published that lowers the reputation of someone. Publication can occur via several mediums, including in an advertisement, newspaper, magazine, letters, pictures or electronic media, such as Facebook.

VoxLaw offers crisis management to prevent the escalation of an issue.

Sports Law

VoxLaw provides legal services for both sporting organisations and individual athletes facing the unique challenges of playing professional or amateur sport. Each face their own set of legal issues that impact their sporting lives, ranging from the legal ways to set up and manage a team or club, to licensing, sponsorship, insurance issues, tax regulations, employment law, communication with stakeholders and management of player/club procedures regarding keeping fit and healthy.

VoxLaw provides assistance for athletes and sporting organisations by providing legal advice for:

  • Media and broadcast compliance

  • Sponsorship agreements

  • Player contracts

  • Merchandising law

  • Sports endorsements

  • Marketing compliance for advertising and promotion – including the best way to run competitions/promotions to comply with gaming legislation.

  • Public liability law for sporting venues – including guidelines for safety.

  • Commercial/business transactions – including ticketing and financial transfers

  • Advice for player and team security – to protect players and fans.

  • Sports governance – including advice on the Corporations Act; setting up business entities; drafting constitutional laws/by-laws; and advice for club directors.

  • Advice on matters involving performance-enhancing drugs – including assistance with drafting anti-doping policies and legal representation for athletes in court.

  • VoxLaw supports and/or is involved with several local sporting clubs including;