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How We Charge Legal Fees

Voxlaw offers its clients flexibility and options on how legal costs are calculated. Different fee costings are available depending upon the type of matter or case.

Hourly rate: An agreed hourly rate is charged for all work performed. This formula is suited to matters where the scope of work is difficult to pin down, for example, in litigation matters.

Fixed pricing: A set fee is agreed between you and VoxLaw to perform a set task. It is suitable for work where the scope can be identified, such as contract drafting and debt recoveries.

Capped fee: Under a capped fee arrangement, VoxLaw will charge fees on an hourly rate up to an agreed maximum level, to achieve a specified agreed outcome. Once the agreed cap is reached, VoxLaw will not charge for any additional work performed to achieve the agreed outcome.

Retainer: A retainer arrangement is suitable for clients who require a fixed legal spend and where the legal work to be done can be clearly identified in advance. Under a retainer, the client pays VoxLaw a fixed agreed price per month for VoxLaw to provide the specified services.

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