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Audit, Compliance & Biosecurity

To succeed in a competitive global economy demands that companies take advantage of every occasion to maximises cost reduction and ensures regulatory compliance. The VoxTrade audit programs will appraise your transactions and isolate where savings can be realised, or where compliance irregularities may cause financial or sanctions exposure.

The result will be customised solutions centering on the results you want to achieve.

Compliance Audits

The Government expects and demands industry to comply with Customs-related law in all transactions involving the importation or exportation of goods to and from Australia, whether or not revenue (import duty, GST etc) is at risk. Customs is currently responsible for monitoring 26 separate pieces of legislation, all of which Customs are able to audit your imports or exports against for compliance.

VoxTrade can review all Customs compliance related matters. Such an audit would be conducted under similar conditions, processes and methodology as would be the case should that client be audited by Customs. The results of a full compliance audit will provide a compliance rating based on Customs own audit parameters, a ranking on the Customs Compliance Continuum, and the likely Customs operational response to that client based on that ranking.

Tariff Audits

Alternately, VoxTrade can audit your transactions to ensure you are paying the minimal legal duty and, based on the assessment outcomes, assist you in filing claims within the appropriate statutory time frames where refunds or credits are available.

DAWR Biosecurity:

Biosecurity is a critical link in Australia’s supply chain. Australia has some of the most advanced legislation and systems in the world for dealing with this aspect of trade, and understanding your obligations allows planning to mitigate delays, unexpected costs, potential fines and worse.

Understanding the complex issues of biosecurity concerning packing and treatment requires specialist knowledge. VoxTrade only uses DAWR accredited advisors to assist you in these matters.

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