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Empty Container Parks:

We are starting to see substantial congestion and redirection in relation to the return of empty containers. This is in all ports on the Eastern seaboard.

Vox is working with our transport operators, shipping lines and container parks to redirect containers where possible without charge to our clients however there will be times when this is not possible.

If we get to a container park and are refused the opportunity to drop the container there may be additional charges however we will advise when this happens.

Shipments from China:

The Chinese Government is starting to allow manufacturers back to work and reducing the effects of the lockdowns.

The knock on result of the release of manufacturers will be congestion, space issues and freight rates increasing from China to all ports. We have started to see the rates increasing already.

As with peak season every year we recommend planning well ahead of required time frames as the estimate from our agents is there is an additional 260,000 TEU to be shipped from China (not all to Australia of course) over the peak season this year.

Given airfreight carriers are still not back to full capacity it is our prediction peak season this year could be more difficult that the past 2 COVID affected years.
Please speak to our team and lets plan together so the best result is achieved for your supply chain.

Shipments from the USA:

The situation in the USA has not returned to any semblance of normality. This means space is still at a premium as are rates.

There is a delay of multiple weeks to get a booking with a shipping line as well as delays in arranging trucking again due to low trucking numbers and COVID enforced quarantine periods for workers.

As we head into peak season this will only get worse (if that’s possible) so the planning of shipments, cargo ready dates and flexibility in shipping are areas where Vox can assist our clients.

Department of Agriculture:

Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) has been located in Indonesia and therefore the restrictions for importing certain types of foods from Indonesia has changed. If you are importing foods or looking to import foods from Indonesia please speak to us before organising the shipment.

With all areas of the world we continue to monitor the situations both with costs, congestion, equipment and space availability. We also work with our clients to provide the optimum solution for the movement of your goods.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact one of our team to further explain these issues.

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