Customs Brokerage

VoxLogistics provides an unparalleled level of experience within the customs brokerage field. Our team is led by our directors, both of whom are licensed brokers, each with over 30 years’ experience who are proud to be teaching the next generation of customs brokers. As a full service and fully licensed customs brokerage company, VoxLogistics can solve the most complex industry challenges that prove technically difficult for our competitors, such as foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Our customs brokerage team can assist in areas of:

  • Classification

  • Tariff Concession Order Eligibility

  • Valuation of Goods

  • International Trade Agreements

  • Biosecurity

  • Regulatory Assistance

The VoxLogistics brokerage team has access to the range of services offered by VoxTrade, our trade division, and therefore provide opportunities to reduce costs and expedite your clearances with a minimum of intervention.

Customs Brokerage