Tariff CLASSIFICATION and Tariff Concession Orders


Determining the legally correct classification of imported goods can be a complex exercise and not only make a significant difference to duty costs, but is required under customs legislation. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that’s what a Broker is paid for.  Customs related law holds the importer responsible for incorrect declarations.

VoxTrade acts on behalf of Importers, Exporters and Customs Brokers involved in disputes concerning the correct tariff classification of goods, or if they simply need advice or representation on tariff related matters.

Additionally, clients may need advice about penalty implications of choosing particular classifications or undertaking certain procedures.

Tariff Concession Orders

With minimal duties on most goods imported into Australia, businesses can be deceived into believing it’s not important to their business. However, when considering how much additional sales they would need to turn over to increase their bottom-line profit by 5%, the answer is generally that a significant increase would be required.

Where there is no local Australian production of substitutable goods an importer may be entitled to make application for a Tariff Concession Order that, if granted, will eliminate import duty exposures.

Conversely, local manufacturers of goods competing with imports may be entitled to challenge new applications, or even revoke existing concessions to ensure protection for their products.

VoxTrade are the experts in representing both importers and Australian manufacturers alike to identify areas of opportunity or concern and to support them in achieving their desired outcome.

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